Especially in our fast-paced industrialized society, unfortunately all too often one's own well-being is left out in the cold. There is simply no time for it. Then comes vacation and everything that has been neglected in the course of the year must now be taken care of. How can you do that?

True to the motto "God gave us time – he never said anything about hurrying!" we have created a remedy via hospitality at  „Domizil am Ostseewald". Not only in the light-filled luxury apartments, but also in the surrounding environment. The landscaped gardens and balconies/terraces and barbecue contribute to a comfortable stay outdoors. The nearby forest provides great calm, and if you should still be sitting outside late at night, absolute silence rules, if occasionally interrupted by the plaintive cry of an owl.

Take a step back and recall in your mind what gave you the most pleasure in your childhood. Remember the little daily discoveries, daydreaming under a tree, the smell of an unknown plant, the first swim in the sea, the gurgling of a stream ... allow these long-forgotten feelings to return to life ... it is often the simple things in life that delight our hearts. Indulge in these, forget the time and enjoy ... feel pampered at the „Domizil am Ostseewald".

If you prefer a more active stay, take a walk in the woods or collect sea shells and stones on the find sands of the Baltic; this especially fascinates children who can keep busy at it for hours. Take a bike ride to the very edge of the Zingst or take advantage of the table tennis and other sports equipment that we provide for you. Have a cocktail at the Zingst pier, admiring the brilliant sunset, and let your day drift away.

If you are interested in a massage or relaxation therapy, just around the corner sits a physical therapy practice. You will find a flyer with their offers located in the blue information folder. Treat yourself, indulge in reading a good book in front of the crackling fireplace, listen to music or do nothing at all. Leisure is the magic word; come to rest and unwind from stressful day-to-day life – you're on vacation!

"Contentment is the goal of the wise.

Whatever contentment touches turns into gold."